Hello! I'm Stefan.
Image of Stripe payment processor website homepage
Image of Stripe payment processor website homepage
Image of Stripe payment processor website homepage

5+ years of experience in digital and physical product design

Currently optimizing business operations with digital tools

Mentoring the next generation of UX designers

Arrive Logistics

Tracking exceptions in a shipment's journey

Arrive had difficulty tracking exceptions in a shipment’s journey. I created a tool to improve accountability and visibility saving Arrive Logistics $2-6 million annually.

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Led design efforts

I led design efforts, performed user research, created prototypes, held stakeholder meetings to ensure the team was aligned in the product vision.

Created a multi-faceted solution

I collaborated Product, Data, Eng, and Onboarding teams to create an initiative that goes beyond the digital tool.

Ensured scalability

We tracked major actions in the tool to analyze pitfalls within our exception management process to make scaling easy.

Arrive Logistics

Increasing content visibility by 30% with a new design system component

Arrive’s UI had a lot of content-heavy tables. I built a component to eliminate horizontal scrolling without any loss in content.

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Drove strategy and alignment

I worked with design leadership to establish new interactions for the design team to follow going forward.

Unified design interactions

I collaborated with 11 designers to ensure that Data Row will promote consistent interactions across our product.

Hidden information leads to mistakes when users are working quickly
Traditional tables are clunky and don't support as many content types
Horizontal scrolling is awkward and users can't see everything at once
Built with mobile in mind, saving weeks of future design effort
Users make fewer mistakes when info is not hidden by horizontal scrolls
Supports more content types giving designers more tools to solve problems

Darwin Homes

Catalyst: A workflow automation tool that empowers users

Our property managers were overrun with administrative tasks. I created a workflow automation tool to empower Ops to create their own workflows, reducing manual tasks by 50%.

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Led design efforts

I worked hand in hand with stakeholders, engineering, and product to shape the future of this product

Created immediate impact

Game-changing release highly adopted by users. Ops created 70 workflows in the first couple weeks.

Darwin Homes

Building a recommendation tool for home repair vendors

Our Ops team had trouble selecting the right people for the right job. I designed a tool to select the best vendor - speeding up service requests by 30%

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Data driven

I worked with the Data team to ensure that the algorithm intelligently recommended the right vendor for the right job

Flexible and scalable

We collect data when users deviate from our top selection to build a better algorithm.