Portrait of Stefan Tsai


I’m Stefan Tsai. I’m a Product Designer with 10 years of combined design experience. 5 years in digital product design and the rest in physical set design.

I've held product design roles in a variety of industries from prop-tech at Darwin Homes, freight operations at Arrive Logistics, to video streaming at Resi Media.

In my previous life, I designed, built, and wrote the code for several escape rooms I owned. I also opened Museum of Memories, an interactive art gallery that sends our users back into the 90’s and 00’s.

Let's Chat About...


Before my venture into business and UX, I studied to be a veterinarian! I love animals of all types, especially birds. I've helped spay and neuter stray dogs in Dominican Republic and Nevis, worked at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan, and even published a paper on Alpacas on ScienceDirect.

Escape Rooms

Puzzles are exciting to solve and even more fun to make. I've spent 4+ years designing and creating escape room puzzles. Hit me up for some escape room tips and tricks!


Paper can become such amazing things! Origami and paper crafts can turn 2d sheets into complicated 3d objects. I especially like creating kusudama origami.


Pasta, noodle soup, ramen-I love noodles of all kinds. Beef Noodle Soup and pasta (of any kind) are some of my favorite foods. My favorite utensil is even the slotted spoon. Give me your favorite noodle place!